Saturday, 24 March 2018

BizTalk Server Application Configuration - SSO database export file enctyption/decryption

While working on AX integration using BizTalk, a requirement arose to save some of the configuration data. There are several options available as described in this article.

We decided to store the configuration in the SSO database. While the MMC snap-in provided by Microsoft is good enough, there is no option to bulk edit the Key/Value pairs stored in the SSO database. The snap-in does allow to export the file, but its encrypted and hence cannot be edited outside of the snap-in.

We wrote a small utility which allows to decrypt/encrypt the files exportable from the snap-in. Once exported, the file can be decrypted, edited in a text editor, encrypted again and can be imported in the snap-in to create the key/value pairs in the SSO database.

The utility can be downloaded from here.

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