Saturday, 2 March 2013

Assign roles from one user to another

Sometimes while testing the security roles we need to have exactly the same roles a user have. The following piece of code will assign the security roles of a user to another (while keeping the existing roles intact).

static void CopyRolesFromUserToAnotherUser(Args _args)  
   SecurityRole      securityRole;  
   SecurityUserRole  securityUserRoleSource;  
   SecurityUserRole  securityUserRoleDestination;  
   SecurityUserRole  securityUserRoleDestinationNew;  
   boolean           added;  
   UserId            sourceUserId = 'User 1';  
   UserId            destinationUserId = 'User 2';  
   str getFormattedRoleName(str _roleName)  
       return SysLabel::labelId2String2(_roleName, CompanyInfo::languageId());  
   while select securityUserRoleSource  
     where securityUserRoleSource.User == sourceUserId  
   join securityRole  
     where securityUserRoleSource.SecurityRole == securityRole.RecId  
   notexists join securityUserRoleDestination  
     where securityUserRoleDestination.SecurityRole == securityRole.RecId  
       && securityUserRoleDestination.User == destinationUserId  
       info(strFmt('Adding role %1 to the user %2.', getFormattedRoleName(securityRole.Name), destinationUserId));  
       securityUserRoleDestinationNew.User = destinationUserId;  
       securityUserRoleDestinationNew.SecurityRole = securityRole.RecId;  
       securityUserRoleDestinationNew.AssignmentMode = RoleAssignmentMode::Manual;  
       securityUserRoleDestinationNew.AssignmentStatus = RoleAssignmentStatus::Enabled;  
       SecuritySegregationOfDuties::assignUserToRole(securityUserRoleDestinationNew, null);  

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