Friday, 10 May 2013

Financial dimension sets balance update issue

Recently we noticed that the one of our Financial dimension sets balance is not being updated. When we opened the form and looked at the record, "Rebuild balances" was greyed out as shown below

Running the "Update balances" resulted in the following error.

What this error really means is that the rebuild/update process is already running. Apparently the rebuild balance process never finished on its previous run (maybe due to process being killed by someone/the AOS crash or electricity failure etc.). We could not determine why this happened. Folks at Microsoft helped us in  resetting the status and we were able to rebuild the balances. Following job was used.

 static void ResetFinDimState(Args _args)  
   DimensionHierarchy dimensionHierarchy;  
   update_recordSet dimensionHierarchy  
     setting FocusState = DimensionFocusBalanceInitializationState::Initialized  
     where dimensionHierarchy.FocusState == DimensionFocusBalanceInitializationState::InProcess &&  
        dimensionHierarchy.StructureType == DimensionHierarchyType::Focus &&  
        dimensionHierarchy.DeletedVersion == 0;  

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