Sunday, 20 December 2015

How to get AX 7 Technical Preview VM

Couple of days ago "Microsoft Dynamics AX" public preview went live. @satishthomas from Microsoft blogged more info on this (link). In summary following needs to be done to get it going

1. For customer source use this link  and for partner source use this link.
2. Login using either customer or partner source credentials.
3. Once logged in scroll down and you'll see a small paragraph as shown below

Clicking on the highlighted part will get you going on signing up for the preview. More details on these steps can be found on Satish's blog.

However if you want to get a VM to run it locally, you'll have to take some additional steps. Once you have signed up for the preview, come back to the sign up page on customer/partner source and scroll further down in the FAQ section and find the feedback question as shown below.

Clicking on the link will take you to Connect site where you'll be automatically added to preview program. There you'll see a download section as shown below

The download section will contain the link to download the preview VM

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