Monday, 15 February 2016

Error when accessing AX7 VM

For last few days error started appearing when trying to login to local AX7 VM as shown below

It seems the account we were using was created by MS and was provisioned as Admin in the AX7 VM. For some reason MS have now disabled the account and as a result we cannot access the AX7 environment.

The solution is to provision another user as Admin in the AX7 VM environment. While signing up for AX7 preview (blog post here), you must have gone to and created a user there. The user login is in the form This user can be provisioned as an admin on the AX7 VM.

On the AX7 VM desktop find the icon shown below

Double click it and enter the user that was created on and click "Submit" button.

It takes some time and then you should get the following message

Now if you use the same user (that you provisioned above) to login to AX7, it should work.

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